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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

I hereby agree to and accept the following terms and conditions: -

1 I certify that I am duly authorised by the Funeral Home or Parent company or Franchise, now subscribing to this service (hereinafter 'the FH') offered by Remembrance Online (Pty) Ltd (hereinafter 'RO') to accept these terms and conditions on its behalf.

2 RO undertakes to provide internet/mobi based platforms for the FH to use for service notification purposes and the creation of online memorials, obituaries and related material. These web sites are hereinafter referred to as 'the notification and memorial sites.'

3 I confirm that I have familiarised myself with, and fully understand, the methods of using both the service arrangement site and the memorial site. I understand and accept that the FH uses both at its own risk.

4 For the first thirty (30) days the service provided by RO is free and thereafter the FH shall pay a monthly or annual subscription, at its own discretion. Should the FH fail to renew the subscription on or before the due date, the facility for the creation of service arrangements and online memorials is automatically suspended. RO shall not be required to give notice of such suspension or impending suspension. On subsequent payment of the subscription, the facilities will be restored at once with effect from the date of renewed subscription.

5 RO shall not be responsible for any incorrect, incomplete or misleading information provided by the FH, whether provided on the service arrangements form or the memorial creation form. The FH hereby indemnifies RO against any liability, of any nature whatsoever, and specifically against damages resulting from incorrect, incomplete or misleading information. The FH accepts responsibility to ensure that information is correct and is aware of the facilities available to edit and update said information and should this not be possible for any reason, to inform RO immediately of the necessity for amendment or removal of information already entered and uneditable but he FH.

6 RO shall take all reasonable care to render its services as advertised. However, the FH uses both the and websites at its own risk. The FH hereby indemnifies RO against any liability and holds RO harmless for any damages suffered, of any nature whatsoever, caused by any act or omission by RO, whether negligent or otherwise.