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How it works

Publish, SMS & Share

The key to the Digital Service Notice is the reliability of SMS delivery. SMS is instant, it never gets lost and its always read. The family can forward a simple SMS far and wide very quickly, inviting everyone to the service, providing precise details and directions at the same time, all the while giving your business prominent exposure.
Publish service details online.
Send a link to the details to a family member via SMS.
The Family pass on the link+SMS to all who may be interested in attending the service

Pricing and Payment
30 day trial!
The first 30 days are free.
Send out as many Digital Service Notices as you require.
After your free trial you can choose to pay either monthly or annually.
Payment Options
Payment is made through our secure payment providers, Paygate and SID.
Your payment will immediately activate your account and you can publish new
Digital Service Arrangements right away. Should you wish to arrange payment
another way please contact our administrator.
Which works out to R1188 per year (For 10 families served in a month it would cost only R9.90 per family)
32% discount works out to R66 p/m (For 10 families served in a month it would cost only R6.60
per family)